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Meang Kana
Chinese broccoli, ginger, lime, cashew nuts, crispy pork crackling, roasted shredded coconut, red onion, topped with traditional Thai caramelized sauce (3 pieces) (GF) $9
Hed Tod
A combination of crispy black, shiitake and cup mushrooms with sesame seeds, served with a sweet chilli sauce $12
Sai’s Tofu Caramelised
Crispy momen tofu with five-spice soy caramelised sauce, crispy garlic and chilli in rice vinegar $12
Moo Ping
Grilled marinated pork skewers served with sticky rice and jaew sauce $12
Green Spicy Mussels
Grilled aromatic green chilli and spice marinated Hawke’s Bay mussels wrapped in roti bread (3 pieces) $12


Jasmin rice $3.50
Sticky rice $4
Red rice $4
Roti bread $4.50


Thai Tea Crème Brûlée (GF) $7

Egg Custard
Palm sugar egg custard & sweet sticky rice (GF) $9


Ice Cream
Coconut ice cream (1 scoop) (GF) $4
Black sesame ice cream (1 scoop) (GF) $4
Lychee & lime sorbet (1 scoop) (GF) $5

Assorted Desserts
A selection of each of the above (GF) $19



Chicken Cashew
Authentic Thai stir fried crispy chicken with cashew nuts and sun dried chilli $25
Plaa Goong
Prawns, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, and red onion tossed in chilli jam with Thai salad dressing $29
Chu Chee Salmon
Salmon served in a thick red curry sauce (GF) $32
Green Curry Chicken
Traditional Thai slow cooked green curry chicken served with black rice vermicelli noodles (GF) $29
Tamarind Salmon
Salmon topped with a tamarind dressing and crispy red onion (GF option) $32
Pork Spare Ribs
Slow cooked pork spare ribs served with shitake mushrooms and Chinese broccoli $33
Wok Fried Vegetables
Wok fried vegetables and mushrooms in a Thai homestyle sauce (GF option) $24
Panang Beef Rib Curry
Beef short ribs cooked for seven hours in a panang curry with eggplant $36
Pad Thai Prawns
Prawns stir fried with free range eggs in Sai’s signature pad Thai sauce (GF) $28
Tofu Vegetable Salad
Vegetable salad with deep fried egg and organic tofu, topped with peanut sauce dressing $24


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Verve de Verney (200ml- France) $11.050
Morton Estate Brut- New Zealand $42.00
Squawking Magpie Brut- Hawke’s Bay $55.00
Quartz Reef Methode – Central Otago $75.00


Elephant Hill Le Phant Blanc- Hawke’s Bay $42.00

Glass $9.50

Petane Station Pinot Gris- Hawke’s Bay $48.00
Stonecroft Gewurztraminer- Hawke’s Bay $52.00
The Doctors Riesling- Marlborough $46.00

Glass $9.80

Decibel Wines Viognier- Hawke’s Bay $49.00
Tono Moscatel (Ant Mckenzie Wines)- Hawke’s Bay $38.00
Te Awanga Estate Sauvignon Blanc- Hawke’s Bay $38.00

Glass $8.50

Astrolabe Sauvignon Blanc- Marlborough $42.00
Clearview Coastal Chardonnay- Hawke’s Bay $42.00

Glass $9.50

Trinity Hill Chardonnay- Hawke’s Bay $38.00



Rod McDonald Wines Mister Rosé- Hawke’s Bay $42.00

Glass $9.20



Te Mata Estate Gamay Noir- Hawke’s Bay $42.00
Elephant Hill Le Phant Rouge- Hawke’s Bay $42.00

Glass $9.00

Trinity Hill Syrah- Hawke’s Bay $42.00

Glass $8.70

Stone Paddock Syrah- Hawke’s Bay $45.00
Russian Jack Pinot Noir- Martinborough $42.00

Glass $8.70

Peregrine Saddleback Pinot Noir- Central Otago $58.00


Heineken, 330ml $8.50
Steinlager Pure, 330ml $8.00
Steinlager MID 2.5%, 330ml $7.00
Corona, 330ml $8.50
Singha, 330ml $8.70
Chang, 330ml $9.00
Zeelandt Jerry Rig Helles Blonde Lager, 330ml $9.00
Hawke’s Bay Independent Brewery Pilsner, 330ml $9.00
Garage Project Garagista IPA (can), 330ml $9.00
Panhead Supercharger APA, 330ml $9.00


Zeffer Red Apple $9.00
Hawke’s Bay Independent Brewery Pear $9.50


Hawke’s Bay Independent Brewery Spiced Ginger Beer, 330m $6.50
Hopt Pear & Basil, 330ml $5.00
Hopt Salted Lychee, 330ml $5.00
Hopt Watermelon & Mint, 330ml $5.00
Mineral Water (still or sparkling) $4.00
Coke $4.50
Coke Zero $4.50
L&P (Lemon & Paeroa) $4.50
Apple & Blackcurrant Juice, 275ml $5.00
Apple Juice $4.00
Orange Juice $4.00


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